3 Essentials For Every Summer Party

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With warmer weather (hopefully) on the way, now is the perfect time to start planning outdoor gatherings. Check out these summer party photos and tips from Centennial Celebrations, our 100th anniversary cookbook coming in July!

The Menu

Menu seasonality matters. Not only can it save money, but it also shapes your guests’ experience. Serving rich and stick-to-your-bones dishes in the middle of summer will leave your guests feeling heavy and uncomfortable. Instead, save those meals for winter and opt for lighter fare that can be served chilled or grilled outside.

The Drinks

Clean that dirt out of your wheelbarrow, flowerpot, bucket, or barrel and use it as an interesting drink cooler. All you need is plenty of ice and brightly colored bottles to make a fun and functional display.

The Games

Lawn games are a fun way to get your guests outdoors and out of your kitchen. Keep them outside with music, drinks and activities to play together.

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