Bridge Marathon

From September through May, the Bridge Marathon involves both League members and others in the community who play bridge on a regular basis. Since 1976, this fundraiser has generated more than $100,000 for the JLD.

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Dear Bridge Marathon Players,

Welcome to the JLD Bridge Marathon! We appreciate your support of this longstanding and valued Junior League of Denver fundraiser  The money enables the League to make a real difference in the Denver community, whether it’s working with kids, providing support and guidance to single-parent families, or influencing public policy as it relates to families. We thank you so much for your contribution. Please see the list of winners from last year and congratulations to all players who participated. Regardless of the wins or the losses, we hope you enjoyed cultivating old friendships and making new ones.

First, a few housekeeping issues:

Contact Information

Bridge Marathon has been moved to the Sustainer Council.  Your contact is Sally Cornwell.   at 303-692-0270, extension 258, or .  Please try to communicate through email – including reporting scores – whenever possible.


The winners of each group are the the partners with the highest cumulative score from that group.   Please refer to the Rules of the Game download for details of scoring and play.

Entry Fee

The entry fee  is $25 per person, $50 per partnership. Any amount over and above the minimum will be donated to the Junior League of Denver Foundation, collectively, on behalf of the Bridge Marathon. If you play in more than one group, the entry fee is $20 per person per group.   All fees are due October 31,each season.   Checks should be made payable and mailed to the Junior League of Denver, Box 80. Please designate your Group Name/Number and Couple Letter on your checks (this information can be found on the Player Contact List).

2007 Winners

Group 1   Mary Wullschleger and Lynne Pettyjohn
Group 5   Judi Thomas and Wendy Trigg
Group 7   Margaret White and Patsy Monaghan
Group 8   Zoe Crichton and Eleanor Witt
Group 11 Pam Bansbach and Barb Shabacker



Junior League of Denver

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Denver, CO 80204

Phone: 303-692-0270