Kids on the Block

Teaching Children to Make Healthy Choices through Puppetry and Skits

The Kids on the Block troupe teaches children to lead healthy lifestyles through informative, entertaining, interactive puppetry. Junior League of Denver volunteers perform skits for a wide variety of children’s audiences, including elementary schools, after-school programs and other youth organizations. The show educates children, grades K-6, on healthy eating habits, the role food plays in growing bodies, and ways to increase their daily exercise.

What is Kids on the Block?

Puppets and skits that teach children about acceptance of differences. The puppetry is based on the Bunraku style, where puppeteers dressed in black stand behind the “hand and rod” puppets to move and speak for them. Junior Leagues throughout the country were among the first to embrace this program. Kids on the Block (KOTB) is one of many Leagues’ longest on-going outreach projects.

Healthy Eating and Dental Care Skit

Designed to educate children about healthy eating habits, the fun of eating nutritious foods and the role food plays in growing bodies. Children learn from puppets Jason, Brenda and Michael:

  • that healthful eating means not only knowing WHAT to eat but also WHEN to eat it
  • how to make healthy food choices what positive effects those choices can have on the entire body--including one's teeth

Combating Childhood Obesity and Overweight Skit

Focuses on the importance of understanding the relationship between food and physical movement and their effects on weight and health. Strives to help prevent health problems through discussion of possible causes and effects of unhealthy lifestyles while encouraging children (and adults) to set realistic goals and achieve them through small changes. Issues addressed include:

  • considering foods as fuel for the body
  • increasing daily physical movement by making more active choices for free time
  • promoting sensitivity, understanding and acceptance of differences in body types

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