JLD Foundation Board of Directors

2021-2022 JLD Foundation Board 

  • President: Kali Handford
  • Vice President: Stephanie Dahl                             
  • Secretary: Julia Lazure      
  • Communications Committee Chair: TBD
  • Investment Committee Chair: Deanna Myer
  • Philanthropy Committee Chair: Becky Schaub        
  • JLD President: Caryne Mesquita
  • JLD President-Elect: Lindsey Talafuse
  • JLD Past President: Melanie Lewis Dickerson
  • JLD Finance & Operations VP: Isabelle Vargas 
  • JLDF Treasurer: Kimberly Eckert   
  • Members-at-Large: Kate Cihon, Jana Cuneo, Melissa Demos, Janelle Lind      
  • Finance & Operations Director (JLD Staff): Karen Mayo
  • Development Consultant: Ellen Spangler

2021-2022 JLD Foundation Board Bios

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