1940s – 1960s

1940-56 COLORADO MILITARY HOSPITALITY CENTER – Staffed and supported by League members. It became a USO member in 1943.

1942-46 COLORADO GENERAL HOSPITAL PREVENTIVE MEDICAL CLINIC – Started by the JLD and one of the first in the nation to provide medical exams for the community to enable civilians to remain healthy. The League terminated it at the end of the war. $11,500

1945-52 CHILDREN’S MUSEUM – Established in joint sponsorship of JLD and Denver Art Museum to make art a living experience for the average child and through the child to reach the parents. The entire community cooperated and our museum became a pilot project for UNESCO and many other museums. $16,500

1945-55 RADIO – Many projects in this field, including Arts Speak Your Language, Story Time, and These Kids of Ours. JLD also did a music series in connection with the Denver Symphony. Children’s Symphony, featuring Peter and the Wolf, was so successful that the Denver Public Schools (DPS) continued the concerts.

1946-49 HOLLAND HOUSE – A foster home for homeless girls. The League had a recreation and education program for the girls and redecorated facilities. $2,000

1947 RED ROCKS – The League sponsored, with the May Company, the first series of concerts at Red Rocks. $7,792

1948-63 COLORADO GENERAL HOSPITAL – Provided volunteers and equipment, particularly for the OT and PT wards. $6,640

1950-53 CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL SNACK BAR AND GIFT SHOP – Established and turned over to the hospital auxiliary. $5,160

1953-73 INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION (I.I.E.) – League volunteers were trained to work in the office and act as tour guides. They also provided home hospitality to foreign visitors. In 1963, furnished 3 rooms. $2,170

1954-57 DENVER UNIVERSITY SPEECH CLINIC – A 3-year project now continued by University of Denver to provide occupational therapy to children for hearing, speech and psychiatry. Project served as prototype throughout nation and other countries. $12,672

1955 PRE-SCHOOL HEARING SURVEY – This project led to the Pre-school Hearing Project in 1957.

1955-58 TRAVELERS AID – Stapleton was the 5th airport in the U. S. to have a Travelers Aid unit to assist people with problems while traveling. The League financed and staffed the project with the aid of a caseworker until the community took over. $9,000

1955 COMMUNITY CHEST TV SHOWS – We get a start in television!

1957-60 ARTHRITIS CRAFT SHOP – The first of its kind in the U.S. The shop was co-sponsored by the League and the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation. It serves as both physical and occupational therapy for arthritics and provides an opportunity for socialization. $3,000

1957-68 PRE-SCHOOL HEARING – The League supplied trained volunteers to work with the Denver Public Schools (DPS) Health Department and the Denver Hearing Society in testing all Denver pre-school children, using the Familiar Sounds test. $1,890

1958-66 LIVING ARTS CENTER – A continuation of the Children’s Museum, which the League supported, both financially and with volunteers. $11,551

1959-61 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S FORUMS – The League sponsored two of these forums. $1,400

1959-72 METROPOLITAN OPERA AUDITIONS – League committee was responsible for organizing and staging local and regional auditions for promising operatic singers in the area. $2,380

1959-90 KMGH SEMINAR – The League was responsible for arrangements for this seminar for non-profit organizations on the effective use of the media.

1960-76 PUPPETRY – In cooperation with the Denver Public Library a puppet show was trouped in conjunction with National Library Week; later the program was taken to Head Start Centers and schools. The final two years at Children’s Hospital were with an original script for pre-admittance orientation on hospital procedures for young patients; program is now being continued by the Children’s Hospital staff.

1960-68 CRAIG REHABILITATION CENTER – Volunteers were supplied to Craig’s Auxiliary to work with physical rehabilitation patients. In 1964 the League donated to the building program for a new therapy wing. $10,000

1960-68 * LIBRARY AIDES – Denver had the first library system in the country to use volunteers – a program inaugurated by the JLD. League volunteers performed all jobs in the library to free paid librarians for other work.

1961-64 UNITED FUND TRAINING COURSE – A committee of volunteers helped train solicitors for the United Fund Drive, using films and live presentations. The League furnished the board room of the Community Services Building in 1963. $9,850

1962-70 CITY PARK ZOO – League members performed clerical work, helped with the newsletter and served as tour guides for thousands of Denver school children. In 1963 the League funded the building of a children’s pavilion and party house. $30,823

1962 CHILDREN’S REFERENCE LIBRARY – Established at Cherry Creek Branch of Denver Public Library. Many of the books are still in circulation. $7,000 1964DENVER UNIVERSITY CENTENNIAL – Brought Barbara Ward to speak.

1964-70 NEWBORN TESTING – A series of response tests on newborn babies in the nurseries of Denver area hospitals was conducted. This service has now been taken over by various hospital groups.

1964-67 COMMUNITY HOMEMAKERS – JLD provided funds to help pay a permanent director, did secretarial work, interviewed potential homemakers, taught homemaking skills, and did some casework. $28,367

1965-70 KRMA-TV – Our volunteers produced dramatizations for children’s literature programs. Made possible the purchase of an Arriflex 16mm camera. $5,000

1965-73 EDUCATIONAL AIDES – Denver Art Museum – Between 1965 and 1967, the League gave $6,000 to pay one-half the salary of a Curator of Education at the Denver Art Museum. The Curator supervises the Educational Aide Program in which League volunteers have been involved. The project was renewed in 1967 without financial support. After intensive instruction in art history, volunteers served as tour guides and members of the Speakers Bureau in radio, TV and other areas of education.

1966-68 SURVEY OF HISTORICAL BUILDINGS – Volunteers were trained to prepare a historical and an architectural survey of Denver landmarks, working with the Denver Planning Office, Colorado Historical Society and American Institute of Architects.

1966-70 MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY – League volunteers assisted in establishing an Accessories Department at the Museum and contributed to exhibit preparation.

1968-71 SPECIAL EDUCATION LIBRARY – Cerebral Palsy Center – The League approved funds for the purchase of high interest, low-vocabulary books and volunteers staffed the library and provided storytelling in the classrooms. The project was turned over to the CPC Auxiliary. $5,000

1969-70 DENVER CHILDREN’S HOME – Library study rooms were financed and staffed by League members from the Professional (evening) membership. $2,000

1969-75 DENVER GIRLS, INC. – Established by the League, Denver Public Schools (DPS) and Zonta Club of Denver to provide individual counseling for adolescent girls referred by teachers to DGI counselors. Rotary International became an additional sponsor in 1973. The project continues under the sponsorship of Zonta, Rotary and Ladies of Rotary. $21,400