History & Mission

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Junior League of Denver Foundation History

In the late 1980s, the Junior League of Denver researched ways of creating a secure funding base to assure its ongoing financial stability. An endowment fund was established by the JLD Board with $70,000 at our 70th anniversary. The endowment fund was derived primarily from excess fundraising income and reached its $1 million goal in 1992. An Annual Campaign to solicit the JLD membership for gifts was established in 1990 and continues today to raise funds on behalf of the Foundation. In 1991, a special committee of the JLD recommended the establishment of a supporting foundation to better meet the long-term needs of the JLD. The $1 million endowment fund served as seed money for the new JLD Foundation, which was incorporated in 1992 within the State of Colorado. A Board of Directors, currently composed of thirteen Active and Sustaining members, governs the JLD Foundation independently from the JLD and its Board.The JLD Foundation established an initial goal of $6.6 million as the target after which annual distributions from the JLD Foundation to the JLD would begin.

In December 2007, the Foundation reached this initial goal. In 2008-2009, the JLD received its first-ever distribution of $216,905 from the Foundation. Each year the JLD Foundation makes an annual distribution to the JLD to support community programs through direct grants, trained volunteers, and public policy initiatives.

Junior League of Denver Foundation Mission

Founded in 1992, the Junior League of Denver Foundation (JLD Foundation) is designated as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and a 509(a)(3) supporting foundation of the Junior League of Denver, Incorporated (JLD). Its sole purpose is to support the mission and programs of the JLD. Distributions from the JLD Foundation are directed only to the JLD and only at the initiation of the JLD Foundation Board. Funds distributed by the JLD Foundation to the JLD are designated as the JLD Board determines.

The JLD Foundation represents a long-term development strategy to assure the continued vitality of the JLD in its mission of promoting voluntarism, contributing to the community and training not-for-profit leadership of Denver. The principal of the Foundation increases through gifts from its founder, the JLD, individual donations, bequests and planned gifts, and through investment income. The JLD Foundation’s long-term development goal is to build the principal so that the Foundation can provide a significant portion of the annual needs of the JLD’s community and volunteer programs. A funding partnership between current JLD fundraisers and the long-term development of the JLD Foundation is essential in assuring the continued financial vitality of the JLD.