Keynote Speaker

Terrell Davis

Well known for his “Mile High Salute” to fans and teammates in celebration of a touchdown, Terrell Davis has the distinction of being the NFL’s Denver Broncos all time leading rusher. Davis was a member of championship Denver Broncos teams in Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII. During his career at Denver, Davis ran for 7,607 yards on 1,655 carries. Davis played seven seasons with the Broncos before retiring after the 2002 season.

Terrell and his wife, Tamiko, both recognize the enormous impact that education has had on their lives. From their earliest days of reading and writing to their collegiate years, they recognize that education has unlocked their potential, expanded their imaginations about what was possible and propelled them to success. When Terrell made it into the NFL, he was surprised to learn that his study habits were just as important as his 40-yard-dash time. Every week, the team installed a new game plan, which the players had to study and then execute on Sundays. From the fans perspective, football is a physical game in which the strongest and fastest teams win. But the reality is that football is a surprisingly mental game, and the test the players take every week is as much intellectual as it is physical.

Terrell is now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame partly for his genetic physical gifts, partly for his work ethic and partly for the education that prepared him to succeed at whatever intellectual challenge was placed in front of him. Now that Terrell and Tamiko are parents of three beautiful children, ages 6, 4 and 2, they are even more passionate about the power of education to unlock the future for their children. Terrell and Tamiko applaud the Junior League of Denver for its efforts to improve literacy rates and provide access to books for children through the third grade. Those early learning years are so critical to long-term success, and the Junior League is truly making an impact that will be felt and appreciated for decades to come.

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