What to Expect

Provisional Course (Your First Year)

You will be placed in a group of other new provisional members based on geographic area.  An advisor will be assigned to your group and will lead you through your provisional year, helping familiarize you with the League and its members, activities and purpose. You will meet as a group to support each other throughout your initial year, and your advisor will check in on your progress.

Provisional Retreat

The Provisional Retreat serves as the kick-off to your first year with the Junior League of Denver.  You will meet your Provisional Advisor and fellow new members and learn about the Junior League of Denver.

Provisional Requirements and Commitments

Your provisional year will require a commitment of approximately 60 total hours between the months of August through May.  You will participate in:

  • Community Service Projects
  • Training Sessions on the Junior League of Denver
  • Professional and/or Personal Development Events
  • Fundraising Activities or Events
  • Socials to Get Connected with Junior League of Denver Members

Active Service

Upon successful completion of your Provisional year, you will transition to Active service. As an Active Junior League of Denver member, you will serve on one of many League committees. We ask that you serve a minimum of 5 years as an Active member.