100th Anniversary FAQs


What will the year look like for you?

The League’s 100th year will be a year like any other year, with 100th “sparkle” added to each event – be it a DIAD, GM, training, fundraiser, or connections event. Plan to have a wonderful year celebrating all that the League has accomplished in our last 100 years.

What’s being asked of you?

Get involved! Celebrate 100 years of the Junior League of Denver any way you would like. There will be hundreds of opportunities to support the impact the JLD has made in the community. Attend one, attend many. Give of your time and funds as you are able, in support of all the League has done since 1918.

How will your placement be impacted?

Within your placement, you will be asked to find ways to celebrate the 100th year. For example, if you are on the Connections Committee, you can plan an event at a location that has history with the JLD.

How can you be involved?

We view this as an opportunity to show your support for all the League has done over the last 100 years, as well as for our commitment to the next 100. You can give your time through any of the hundreds of events next year that will be connected to the 100th – from DIADs to Connections Events, Trainings, and more! Do you have ideas for how to add “sparkle” to the year or ways to celebrate? We’d love to hear them! Send any thoughts to 100years@jld.org.

Will you be asked to give more $? Why and how much?

We’re working to build a culture of philanthropy within the League and there will be multiple opportunities for members to contribute to the JLD. As with all years, we will continue to ask members to support the League and the Foundation with your time and your finances. Some of the funds collected will enable us to reinvest in the Community through our CAF (Centennial Anniversary Fund) Grant that we’re proud to be bringing back! Dues will NOT increase to support the 100th year.

What will The Journey look like?

The 100th year Journey event will be planned by the 2018-2019 Journey Committee and will be a celebration of our past 100 years. Tickets will be available at multiple price points, similar to the current pricing model.