JLD Training

JLD Training

In addition to the experiential training our members receive through various placements and projects, the JLD features a Training Council that provides a variety of learning and enrichment opportunities for our members, serving the very heart of our mission.

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Our Training Council consists of the following committees:

  • Active Advisor Committee: New for 2016–2017, this committee assists with the transition from Provisional to first year Active. Active Advisors act as mentors and facilitate members developing new skills to use within and outside of the League. The committee facilitates newer members with a peer learning group and an opportunity to explore the possibilities of their JLD experience.
  • General Meetings: Led by the JLD President and General Meeting Chair, these events feature inspiring keynote speakers, advocacy training, and much more. General Meetings serve as a member touch-point and networking opportunity.
  • Leaders In Action: These trainings focus on the development of our members who are leading councils and committees, with a focus on core leadership competencies, soft skills, and peer learning.
  • Leadership Institute: Member placement that provides focused personal and professional development. JLD members are selected through an interview process and participate in regular courses throughout the year. The intent is for the members to take on leadership positions after successful completion of this holistic education for nonprofit leadership.
  • Talent Management: This committee provides specific training to give women the skills they need to be successful in their League placements. Examples include literacy training for Read2Kids members and fundraising techniques training for Journey committee members.
  • University League: These enrichment courses focus on a wide variety of topics ranging from interior design, auto maintenance, career performance enhancement, home buying, women’s health, and new topics each year.