Public Policy & Advocacy

The JLD Public Policy Council is the liaison to our membership, the community, and elected officials. The group researches issues affecting the JLD, keeps the League informed on areas of interest, and advises when action is appropriate.

The JLD has a proud history of public policy and advocacy. In 1987, it was the first League in the United States to hire a government affairs specialist. Since then, the Public Policy Council has worked closely with its government affairs specialist, Aponté & Busam, to monitor, advocate, and support various important pieces of legislation at the State Capitol. The JLD has worked with Aponté & Busam for almost 30 years.

Legislative Priorities

The Public Policy Council has several partnerships with community partners and Colorado Junior Leagues that combine our organizations’ efforts to break the cycle of systemic poverty for women and families. The Public Policy Council leads the statewide advocacy partnership with the Junior Leagues of Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Pueblo. They also maintain several community partnerships that include the Women’s Foundation of Colorado, the Colorado Children’s Campaign, Hunger Free Colorado, Make Colorado Affordable, the Colorado Fiscal Institute, the Colorado Center on Law & Policy, and Neighborhood Development Collaborative. Our community partnerships include aligning legislative agendas, joining coalitions, monthly partnership meetings, research, outreach, attending advocacy events, preparing testimony, hosting training, and organizing events.

The JLD’s legislative priorities for this year and previous years are the following:

2023 Legislative Session:

Level 1:

  • Proposition FF Healthy School Meals for All

Level 2:

  • SB23-007 Adult Education
  • SB23-027 Food Pantry Assistance Grant
  • SB23-082 Colorado Fostering Success Voucher Program
  • SB23-149 Higher Education Student Financial Aid for Youth Mentors
  • SB23-221 Healthy School Meals for All Program Fund
  • HB23-1091 Continuation Of Child Care Contribution Tax Credit
  • HB23-1112 Earned Income & Child Tax Credit
  • HB23-1124 Funding For Services For Colorado Employment First Participants
  • HB23-1158 Colorado Commodity Supplemental Food Grant Program
  • HB23-1184 Low-income Housing Property Tax Exemptions
  • HB23-1290 Proposition EE Funding Retention Rate Reduction

2022 Legislative Session:

Level 1:

  • SB22-1295 Department Early Childhood and Universal Preschool Program
  • SB22-1055 Sales Tax Exemption Essential Hygiene Products

Level 2:

  • SB22-182 Economic Mobility Program
  • HB22-1289 Health Benefits For Colorado Children and Pregnant Persons
  • HB22-1364 Food Pantry Assistance Grant Program
  • HB22-1380 Critical Services For Low- income Households
  • HB22-1377 Grant Program Providing Responses To Homelessness
  • SB22-159 Revolving Loan Fund Invest Affordable Housing

2021 Legislative Session:

Level 2:

  • HB21-1121 Residential Tenancy Procedures
  • SB21-027 Emergency Supplies For Colorado Babies And Families
  • HB21-1304 Early Childhood System
  • SB21-236 Increase Capacity Early Childhood Care and Education
  • SB21-009 Reproductive Health Care Program
  • SB21-194 Maternal Health Providers
  • SB21-255 Free Menstrual Hygiene Products To Students
  • HB21-1200 Revise Student Financial Literacy Standards
  • HB21-1259 Extended Learning Opportunities
  • SB21-115 Annual Funding For Talking Book Library Services
  • SB21-151 Literacy Curriculum Transparency


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