Board of Directors

2023-2024 JLD Board of Directors

President Claire Juneau
President-Elect Carson Maczuzak
Treasurer Emily Messegee
Secretary Bianca Smith
Communications VP Melinda Fisher
Community VP Alicia Wagner
Finance & Ops VP Amy McDermott
Fundraising VP Amanda Davis Smith
Membership VP Alexandria Hamm
Public Policy VP Melissa Boucher
Sustainer VP Kathy Borgais 
Training VP Emily Thibault


2023-2024 JLD Advisory Board

Communications VP-Elect Shannon LaBay
Community VP-Elect Katie Duvall
Fundraising VP-Elect Alexis McClain
Membership VP-Elect Yunnie Webb
Public Policy VP-Elect Brenda Garcia
Training VP-Elect Winnie DuBois
Sustainer VP-Elect Kim Tatsch
Board Manager Jodi Padilla
Nominating Chair Meagan Burgio
Immediate Past President Lindsey Talafuse
Cookbook Solutions Chairs Kristina Zwettler & Maryanne Flynn
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Chair Megan Burke
Special Bylaws Cleanup Chair Lindsay Johnson