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Transferring from A Different Junior League?

First, we are so excited you will be joining our wonderful League! Once you have completed your transfer, you will be placed on the Transfer Committee for your first year. This group is normally anywhere from 40-60 women! Your placement with us is for a full year and begins in July/August. Should you transfer to us anytime from the summer months through December 15, you will be placed on the current year’s committee. Should you transfer to Denver after December 15, we will go ahead and transfer your membership to the JLD, and your placement will not begin until the following summer months.

As an Active Transfer, you will spend the year learning all about the Junior League of Denver and have the opportunity to attend plenty of socials created just for Transfers. You will have requirements to attend Transfer meetings, and will also meet many women outside of the Transfer Committee while you complete your Active Transfer requirements. There are so many ways to get involved!

If you are moving to the Denver area and are interested in transferring your membership with the Junior League, here’s some information on how to do that.

  • You must notify your current or most recent League of your desire to transfer, as they hold your record and are the only ones that can initiate the transfer. The procedure varies by League, so you may want to reach out to someone in membership of your current League in order to learn more about how to transfer.
  • Your current League will gather some information from you (like your move date and new address), then notify the Junior League of Denver (JLD) of your intent to transfer.
  • Once we (JLD) are notified of your intent, we will reach out to you via email with important information on how to get started!
  • You’ll be required to pay your dues to us in order to get on our roster. Your dues amount and how to pay will be included in a welcome email from the Transfer Chair. Please keep in mind that this process can take several weeks, so get started as early as you can.
  • If you are due a refund from your previous League, please work with them to arrange for the refund. Each League is independent and there is no way to transfer funds between Leagues.
  • When you transfer to Denver, you will be automatically placed as an “Active Transfer” and will complete one League year on the Transfer Committee. We accept new transfers into the JLD from the beginning of each League year (June 1) through December 15. If we receive your transfer after December 15, we will place you on holdover status and you will begin your transfer placement during the following League year.

If you have any questions, reach out to

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