There’s so much to be done, and we need your financial support. Your gift provides more families with the tools they need to not only give their kids a bright start, but also navigate a difficult time.

There are two ways you can help our beloved Junior League of Denver:

Donate to the Junior League of Denver:  When you support the Junior League of Denver directly, you support the immediate needs of the League and the community programs we support. Membership dues alone are not enough to pay for all that we aim to accomplish. Your gift, made directly to the Junior League of Denver, will be put to work today funding our Mission-driven expenses, from grant awards to supplies to the administrative costs that keep our JLD Headquarters running.

Donate to the Junior League of Denver Foundation: The JLD Foundation was started in the late 1980s by women who had the foresight to sustain future generations of League members. Because of their vision, and continued support of people like you, the Foundation’s Investment Portfolio is now valued at more than $8 million. Your investment in the Junior League of Denver Foundation helps ensure our legacy of developing women, inspiring our daughters and granddaughters to become impactful civic leaders and skilled community volunteers.

Make a donation to JLD or JLD Foundation

Recurring Gifts

Recurring donations are a wonderful way to support the League all year, as well as break down gifts into smaller amounts. Recurring gifts to either the JLD or JLD Foundation can be set up through the Colorado Gives site. Thank you for your ongoing support of the JLD!  Set up a recurring gift through Colorado Gives

Matching Gifts

More than 15,000 companies provide corporate matching, for donations and volunteer time!

Search for your (or your spouse’s) employer on our interactive Matching Gifts  page.

Mailed Donations 

You may also mail your donation by sending a check payable to Junior League of Denver or Junior League of Denver Foundation to:

Junior League of Denver
3800 Buchtel Blvd. #103340
Denver, CO 80250